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Gyasi Addae - Producer

Gyasi Addae - Producer 

Gyasi born 1951 in Kingston Jamaica in the place made famous by the late great Bob Marley Trench Town. Gyasi's musical journey started in 1962 when he enrolled at the Alpha Boy's School. A school that has seen many of its alumni went on to be musical giants in the history of Jamaican music such as Don Drummond, Tommy McCook, King Yellow Man and the Original Don Leroy Smart. In addition to been an award winning Producer (1989 New York Reggae Producer of the year) Gyasi is an accomplish musician.
A six year stint in the Jamaican armed forces sharpened his skills as he learned several instruments as a member of the 1st Battalion Jamaican Regiment Band.
In 1974 he migrated to New York and for six years worked as a hired musician.
Gyasi Musical resume boast of being a member of two bands. One was The Black Eagle with lead singer Denroy Morgan of I'll Do Anything for you fame and the other being Creation Band. Gyasi was also a member of the singing group Black Survivors.
Gyasi learned The Business of music from mentor Barrington (Barry Dread) Bailey of Living Room Studio. During is time at Narrows's records. It was here he learn distribution which he would be later be known for his hustle. It was during his time working as a store manager for the famous Music Masters the home of the record label Witty when Gyasi caught the bug to be a music producer. In 1986 he stared his own label. The label didn't take the easy route by employing established stars but featured young artist looking for a break. That formula worked because the label as yielded many hits over the years and several members have gone on with careers in the industry. Here are a few names that have been on the label. Former DJ of the year Peter Metro, the late Toyan , Dobby Dobson , Major Mackerel , Super C , Mad Lion , reggae legend Wayne Smith , Frankie Paul , Dona V, Princess Goldie. Sabrina and Sensi from Worla Girls to name a few. Gyasi list U Roy, King Yellow Man, Lee Perry and Robert Nesta Marley as his musical inspiration.